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Records Clerk -

     Ms. Lavon Brown

 Office hours -

    Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

      (Closed for lunch 12:00 p.m. until 1:00 p.m.)


Frequently asked questions -


Is there a charge for police reports?


A fee of $5 is charged for Accident reports.

A victim of a crime is not charged for an Incident/Offense report.

A member of the public who is not a crime victim will be charged the $5 report fee for a copy of page one of a report only!


Is anyone entitled to view any Incident/Offense police report?


Page one of the Incident/Offense report is classified as public information.

As stated on the Alabama Uniform Incident/Offense Report form “An Officer’s

Work Product May Not Be Public Information.”


Due to classified information the investigative work product, or personal information on the part of witnesses, suspects, victims, or under age personal information, etc. is restricted.


Is an Arrest report available to the arrestee?


No.  An arrest that is pending the scheduled court date is not provided.


The officer’s work product or in other words the narrative to the report is not provided.  The officer’s work product is the officer’s court testimony.


An arrestee has the opportunity to speak before the judge at the scheduled court appearance.

The judge makes his ruling based on the evidence presented.

 General Statements:

The release of police reports are based on certain criteria. Please contact the records clerk with your request.


An SR-13 form will be provided to the driver of an accident when the accident report is obtained from the records clerk.  The SR-13 form is required by the State of Alabama.  The criteria required for completing the form and the mailing address for submitting the form to the State is printed on the form.  Failure to comply with the SR-13 law, the State can suspend the driver’s license.

The records clerk does not have the records pertaining to traffic tickets issued.  Please refer any traffic ticket questions to the Jacksonville Municipal Court Magistrate at


Questions concerning background arrest history should be directed to the records clerk.


The records clerk cannot conduct an arrest background history through the NCIC.  The records clerk can only verify an arrest history on file with the Jacksonville Alabama Police Department.

The records clerk cannot conduct a driver history through the State of Alabama.


Release of police records are based on certain criteria. Please contact the records clerk with your police report request.


Contact Information -

Jacksonville Police Department

Records Section - Ms. Brown

116 Ladiga ST SE

Jacksonville, AL 36265

Office - (256) 435-6448

FAX - (256) 435-1075

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