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This page is being designed in an effort to improve your personal safety in your home, work, school or any other place you go. Crime is all around us each day. From the simple theft of a cell phone, to your car or your home being burglarized. These types of crimes are just property crimes, and property can be replaced.

On the other hand, crime against persons, such as assaults, robberies, rape, and even murder, may and probably leave a lasting scar on your life forever. 90% of these crime can be avoided by using common sense and listening to your gut. 

We are hoping this information will assist you in that gut feeling. They say information is power, so empower yourself with information.

Resources -

National Crime Prevention Council

Personal Safety -

Home Security

ATM machines

Women Safety

Apartment Security

Traveling Safety Tips

Stop Bullying in Alabama

Child Safety -

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s® (NCMEC) mission is to help prevent child abduction and sexual exploitation; help find missing children; and assist victims of child abduction and sexual exploitation, their families, and the professionals who serve them.

Personal Safety For Children - A Guide For Parents


Vehicle Security -

Vehicle Safety

Residential Security -

Some residential security tips

Business Security -

Robbery Prevention