Burglary Prevention Tips

Burglaries in Jacksonville neighborhoods cost residents thousands of dollars each year in loss of property alone. Most burglaries are not skilled professionals, but they will take advantage of an easy target. Don't make it easy for them. Conduct a home security survey and think like a burglar. Remember, time, noise, and a difficult target is a burglars worst enemy. The longer he/she stays at the business / residence, the greater the changes of being caught. 

1. Install a deadbolt lock.

  • Deadbolts are usually locked with a key from the outside and a thumb turn on the inside. Lock your doors every time you leave the house, even if you're leaving for just a few minutes during the day. The most popular times for residential burglaries are weekday daylight hours. In over 1/3 of burglaries, there is no forcible entry--someone forgot to lock the doors.

2. Install solid doors.

  • Outside doors should be metal or solid hardwood and at least 1 3/4 inches thick. Frames must be made of equally strong material and each door must fit its frame securely.

3. Keep garage doors closed and locked!

  • And don't forget those storage sheds in the back yard. Lock them up as well! 

4. Secure sliding doors and windows.

  • Cut a broom handle to the length of the bottom track so that the window or door will not slide open when forced. Also, drill one hole through both casings and sliding window and insert a nail or pin.

5. Secure sash windows.

  • To prevent wooden sash windows from being pried open, drill a downward sloping hole into the top of the bottom window through and into the bottom of the top window and insert a pin or nail. To prevent aluminum sash windows from being broken into, purchase a track lock that blocks the window track.

6. Mark your property.

  • Mark your valuables with an engraver. Marking your property serves as a deterrent to would-be burglars and it helps police in identifying and returning stolen property. Make a property identification list. Put warning stickers on doors and windows.
  • Photograph all your property to add in its recovery from not only theft, but any other major event. (fire, tornado, etc...)

7. Purchase a burglar alarm.

  • A home alarm system can be a very effective burglary deterrent and fit into many people's needs. Remember to test your system monthly.
  • Jacksonville Police have an excellent response time.

8. Leave a light on.

  • When leaving on trips, leave a light on in the bathroom. In the bedroom, attach a lamp and radio to a 24-hour electric timer set to go on at dusk and off at your bedtime. Close bedroom drapes or blinds.

9. Use proper exterior lighting.

  • Place a light over every door. Double cones lights on each corner of the house will also light up windows.
  • Use motion sensor type lights - the burglar won't know if someone inside the residence turn on the light to his presents.

10. Work together with your neighbors.

  • When you are going to be away, tell trusted neighbors and ask them to watch your property. Have neighbors maintain your yard. When on vacation, have someone cut grass. Shrubbery should not hide neighbors' view of windows or doors. Have someone pick up newspapers and mail. Tell neighbors to call police if they notice anything suspicious.