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- ATM Security -

  How to use Automatic Tellers Safely

You can use Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) easily, quickly and safely, by following these important tips.

* As you approach the ATM, be on the alert for any suspicious persons or circumstances. If you observe or sense something wrong or suspicious, DO NOT USE THE MACHINE! IMMEDIATELY LEAVE THE AREA. Come back at another time or use another ATM at a different location.

* Have your ATM Access Card ready and in your hand when you approach the machine. Do not get to the ATM and then take your Access Card out of your wallet or purse. By having your Access Card in your hand and ready to use, your ATM transaction becomes quicker and safer.


* When standing in line to use the ATM DO NOT STAND DIRECTLY BEHIND the person actually using the machine. Allow adequate distance so your fellow customers may conduct their transaction privately and confidentially.


* Be careful that no one can see you punch your Personal Identification Number (PIN) into the ATM. Use your body to "shield" the ATM keyboard as you punch your PIN into the machine. You can easily "shield the keyboard" by covering it with your body in a sort of "hugging-like-manner." Once you have "shielded" the keyboard, you can safely punch in your PIN without another observing.


* DO NOT COUNT OR VISUALLY EXPOSE ANY MONEY you received from the ATM. IMMEDIATELY put it into your pocket or purse and leave the ATM.

* When leaving the ATM carefully watch for anyone FOLLOWING OR APPROACHING YOU.

* Always keep a safe distance between you and any stranger.

* If you are still being followed, go IMMEDIATELY to the nearest business, store, coffee shop or place where people are.

* If you are being followed by a car, IMMEDIATELY drive to the nearest Police or Fire Station or other places where people are.